Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens

New World Tarantula

Great beginner species.



  • This is a delightful species to own.

  • The legs on this spider are iridescent blue, with a green carapace.

  • The abdomen is reddish orange, a very attractive specie.

  • It is a prolific webber. 

  • The care for this species is straight forward.

  • This is a colorful, hardy addition to a collection.


  • Ideal temperature between 25-28°C and humidity at 60%.

  • Dry substrate


  • This is an extensive webber.

  • Place a bark for a starter burrow/ hide, but most likely it will build its own retreat from webbing. 

Food Consumption: 

  • Feed slings twice a week

  • Feed adults once a week.

  • Food size should be the size of the carapace.

  • This species is a good eater. 

Water Requirements: 

  • Keep a water dish in the tank.

  • Keep the substrate in the terrarium damp.

Growth Rate: 

  • The growth rate of this species is medium. 

  • 12cm to 14cm leg span.  


  • This is a docile species but some what skittish.


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