Psalmopoeus irminia (Venezuelan Suntiger)

New Word Arboreal Tarantula

This species is not recommended as a beginner tarantula.



  • This tarantula sports a beautiful black coat with a tiger striped abdomen. On the lower part of each leg is a orange lightening bolt, making this a handsome tarantula.

  • This is a hardy and easy T to care for.

  • What the Heteroscodra maculata is for old world arboreals the Venezuela Sun Tiger is for New World arboreals.

  • It is a prolific webber.


  • Ideal temperature between 25°-28°C and the humidity at 65%-75%. This species can tolerate lower temperatures.

  • The substrate in the terrarium is kept dry; I mist once a week and monthly I moist the substrate, then allow it to dry out completely.


  • This is a arboreal tarantula. As spiderling or juvenile, Put a twig in the vial so it may climb. When they get between three and four i7-10cm, housed them in their permanent enclosures.

  • They should be given a vertical branch or cork to climb upon. Their enclosure should be taller than longer. 


  • 2cm of substrate in vial, deli cup  for spiderlings, and 5cm in a terrarium for sub-adult to adult. 


  • Place a vertical bark leaned against the cage . 

Food Consumption:

  • Feed slings twice a week.

  • Feed adults once a week.

  • Food size should be the size of the carapace. 

  • This species is a excellent eater. 

Water Requirements:

  •  Glue a small container for water to the bark and mist.

Growth Rate: 

  • This is a fast growing tarantula.

Adult Size: 

  • This tarantula can reach a leg length of 15cm.


  • This is a very fast moving spider.

  • It is considered a defensive tarantula, and will bite if provoked.


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