Haplopelma minax (Thailand Black) 

Old World Fossorial Tarantula
Not a beginner species


  • This is a beautiful solid silky black tarantula, but you will seldom see this species.

  • They are great webbers.


  • Ideal temperature between 25°-27°C and humidity 70%-80%. 

  • Do this by moistening one-half the substrate bi-weekly.


  • This is an obligate burrower, give an adult enclosure 20cm of substrate to burrow.

  • 7cm substrate for slings


  • This species doesn't need a hide, it will make its own burrow.

Food Consumption:

  • Feed slings twice a week.

  • Feed adults once a week.

  • Food size should be the size of the carapace.

Water Requirements:

  • Keep a water dish in the cage.

  • Keep the substrate in the terrarium moist.

Growth Rate:

  • The growth rate of this species is fast.

Adult Size:

  • 12cm to 13cm.


  • Because of their defensive nature, they aren't the best species to handle.

  • If approached they will usually go into a defensive posture.

Adult                                           Juvie


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