Order Procedures



  1. Click on the exotic air plant, seeds or products.

  2. The product’s page will then be opened. Most of the products has different sizes or quantities available, select from the drop-down list.

  3. There is a number surrounded by a + and – sign. You can edit here how much you want. By clicking on “Add to cart”, this item will then be added to your online cart.

  4. After that, a “View Cart” button will then appear for your online session.

  5. When you’re finished selecting all the items you’ll like to buy, click on “View Cart".

  6. Choose your preferred shipping method.

  7. Click "Checkout" button.

  8. Complete shipping information form if applicable, provide customer details.

  9. Continue to "Payment".

  10. Continue to "Review and Place order".

  11. Your order will be cancelled if payment has not been made 48 hours after placing an order.

NOTE: Feel free to add to orders already placed, provided package has not been sent out, in which case normal shipping costs will apply.