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New World Fossoril Tarantula

Advanced species



  • this is a very colorful, sought after tarantula.


  • Ideal temperature is between 25-28C and humidity at 75% and 85%.
  • As sling through to adult wet one half side of the terrarium where the water dish is then allow it to dry out completely.


  • As a spiderling, use a well ventilated vial that would allow at least 7cm of substrate for burrowing.
  • As sub-adult/adult, use a well ventilated terrarium that will allow at least 15cm of substrate for borrowing.


  • This spesies does not need a hide.

Food Consumption:

  • Feed slings twice a week..
  • Feed adults once a week.
  • Food size should be the size of the carapace.

Water Requirements:

  • Keep a water dish in the tank.
  • Keep the substrate in the terrarium half dry and half moist.

Growth Rate:

  • This is a fast growing species.

Adult Size:

  • 11cm to 12cm


  • Because of their defensive nature, they aren't the best species to handle.
  • If approached they will usually go into a threat posture.

Ephpebopus cyanognathus 1,5cm (Blue Fang Tarantula) RARE