New World Terrestrial Tarantula

Great beginner species



  • This tarantula is truly a PET TARANTULA!
  • If you want to introduce a child to a arachnid, this is the one.
  • It is also a fine looking tarantula with interesting markings.


  • Ideal temperature is 25.°C.
  • As sling wet one half side of the terrarium where the water dish is then allow it to dry out completely. Dry substrate for juvies and older.
Use an terrarium that will allow at least 10cm of substrate
  • The is a opportunistic burrower.
  • Place a bark for a starter burrow hide.
Food Consumption: 
  • Feed slings twice a week.
  • Feed adults once a week.
  • Food size should be the size of the carapace.
  • This species is a good eater.
Water Requirements: 
  • Keep a water dish in the tank
  • Dampen one-half of the substrate in the terrarium by overflowing the water dish then I allow it to dry out.
Growth Rate:
  • The growth rate for this species is medium.  
  • Adult legspan 12cm
  • This is a very docile tarantula.

Eupalaestrus campestratus 1cm (Pink Zebra Beauty)



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