Funky and Cool

Display in glass bowls with air plants, around your potted plants, on wood pieces or create your own wall design on polystyrene. Always remove before watering plants in the same bowl or pot.​

It grows in the boreal and artic regions in Northern Scandinavia and Russia, as a floor covering vegetation. Referred to as a moss, it is actually a type of lichen. In winter months Lapland is it covered by snow, but the Reindeer can smell its presence and it supplements their dietary needs. For several years now, Reindeer Moss has also been successfully cultivated and the majority of moss exported.  After it is harvested, it can kept in its natural color, or submersed in an organic pigment to provide one of the beautiful colors it is available in. Because its a natural product, the brightness of color will vary over time. The depth and natural variation of the color in the plant will stay and will keep its natural look. It is preserved in a glycerin and saline solution. In this state or preservation, it is safe to export to any part of the world, as it will have no impact on the surrounding flora, as it will not grow anymore.  


The texture and appearance of Reindeer Moss is something magical.  It is soft and the dense growth of little soft branches and tentacles makes up something looking sponge, but also different.  It is used in contemporary design, where it softens the look and feel of artificial materials. It has a natural blending characteristic. It has calming effects and an elegant look that nature provides. 


The moss has been preserved, but it still needs moisture to keep its soft texture, which can be obtained by a misting once in a while. When the moss feels cool to the touch it has had enough humidity. It will not grow anymore, but will also not die because of its preserved state.  Very little maintenance is needed other than misting when the moss becomes a little harder to the touch. Do not place moss in areas where it will be exposed to direct sunlight. Limit touching the moss, and handle with care. 

Fuchsia Reindeer Moss 5g Preserved


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