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This species should only be kept by experienced keepers



  • This spcies is one of the largest members of the buthid family, and can be up to 15 cm long (8.5- 15 cm).
  • This species is blackish/brown (some colorvariations are possible), with redbrown pincers.
  • Pedipals and legs are lighter in color.
  • A powerful cauda with numerous redish hairs.
  • Small, slender pincers. 


  • Feed scorplings roach nymphs and adults can fed adult roaches or any other live insect
  • Use sand as substrate.
  • Temperature 30 degrees celsius.

Adult size

  • 15cm


  • LD 50 value for this species is reported to be 4.25 mg/kg.
  • Due to it size, this scorpion can inject very large amounts of venom.
  • NB! The venom is medically significant.
  • NB! This species is able to squirt venom up to one meter away, and venom in the eyes can be very dangerous. Safty glasses is reccomended when dealing with this species.
  • The medical significance of this species has been discussed.
  • The Zimbabwe study indicates that P. transvaalicusshould be treated as a dangerous species with a potential life-treatning venom.

Parabuthus transvaalicus (South African Fattail/Spitting Scorpion) Scorpling

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