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Old World Arboreal Tarantula

Advanced Keeper



  • This Pokie species is a striking royal blue.
  • The leg undersides are a bright lemon yellow. It is reported that the toxin from this tarantula is stronger than most tarantulas.
  • This tarantula is considered as fairly docile for a pokie.


  • Ideal temperature between 25°-27°C and the humidity between 65%-75%.
  • The substrate in the terrarium is kept basically dry.
  • Mist once a week, and monthly I wet the substrate, than allow it to dry out completely.


  • They should be given a vertical branch or cork to climb upon. Their terrarium should be taller than longer.


  • Place a 25.4cm vertical bark leaned against the terrarium.

Food Consumption:

  • Feed slings twice a week. Feed adults once a week.
  • Food size shold be the same size as the carapace.
  • This species is a excellent eater.

Water Requirements:

  • Glue water dishes to the bark and sides of the terrarium, mist weekly.

Growth Rate:

  • This is a fast growing tarantula.

Leg span:

  • 15cm


  • This is a very fast moving spider.
  • It is not considered a defensive tarantula, but will probably bite if provoked.

Poecilotheria metallica 3cm (Gooty Sapphire Ornamental)