T. harrisii air plants look great in a terrarium, bowl, or mounted to a piece of bark or wood.


  • Native to Guatemala, the Tillandsia harrisii is a beautiful soft leaved air plant, and one that is great for beginners.
  • The T. harrisii air plant has silvery grey leaves with ample trichomes that grow in a rosette shape along its stem.
  • Since it grows along a stem, this air plant is considered a caulescent species which in definition means that “it grows along a stem above ground.”
  • A very special air plant, the T. harrisii was named after a Tillandsia enthusiast/explorer who was murdered in Guatemala in 1985.
  • The T. harrisii air plant can grow to be over 20cm tall and displays a beautiful red inflorescence which will bloom beautiful purple flowers.
  • These plants are slow growing, so you might not see a bloom for a year or two, but it’s worth the wait!
  • The T. harrisii can withstand some full sun, but we recommend filtered bright indirect light and waterings at least once a week.
  • These plants thrive in lower to moderate humidity because of their abundance of trichomes and prefer good air flow.

Live Tillandsia harrisii Air Plant

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