New World Arboreal Tarantula

This is not a beginner tarantula


  • This is a beautiful specie, olive green appearance with striking markings on the legs. 
  • When this species reaches about 15cm, it tends to stay out more in the open.
  • This is an intermediate species between the Avicularia and the Poecilotheria Genus.
  • This specie will give you an experience with a large fast moving arboreal without the potent toxin. 
  • Ideal temperature between 25°-28°C and the humidity at 70%-80%.
  • The substrate in the terrarium is kept moist.
  • This is an arboreal tarantula. As a spiderling or juvenile, put a twig in the vial so it may climb , but they normally spend most of the time webbed in at the base of the twigs as though it is a terrestrial species.
  • When they get between 7cm-10cm) housed them in their permanent enclosures.
  • They should be given a hollow vertical branch or cork to climb into. 
  • Their enclosure should be vertical.  
  • Use a 25cm vertical barreled cork bark and lean it against the cage . 
Food Consumption: 
  • Feed slings twice a week.
  • Feed adults once a week.
  • Food size should be the size of the carapace. 
Water Requirements
  • Glued a small bottle cap to the bark that is leaning against the cage for water and mist periodically.
Growth Rate
  • This is a fast growing tarantula.
  • Leg span 17cm
  • This can be a very fast moving spider if startled.
  • This is not consider a defensive tarantula, but will probably bite if provoked. 

Psalmopoeus cambridgei (Trinidad Chevron)

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