Grammostola rosea RCF (Chilean Rose) 

Rcf: Red color form

Grammostola porteri NCF (Chilean Rose) 

Ncf : Normal color form

New World Terrestrial Tarantula

Great beginner species



  • This is a very handsome looking T. 

  • Rosies are notorious for long extensive fasts. 


  • Ideal temperature 18-26C and humidity at 55%-65%.  

  • As sling wet one half side of the terrarium where the water dish is then

         allow it to dry out completely. Dry substrate for juvies and older.

Enclosure: ​

  • As a spiderling, use a vial that would allow at least 7cm of substrate for burrowing.

  • As sub-adult/adult, use a terrarium that will allow at least 10cm of substrate.


  • Place a bark for a starter burrow hide.

Food Consumption: 

  • Feed slings twice a week..

  • Feed adults once a week.

  • Food size should be the size of the carapace.

  • This species is a so-so eater. 

Water Requirements:

  • Keep a water dish in the tank.

  • Keep the substrate in the terrarium dry.

Growth Rate:

  • This is a slow growing species; but with proper feeding and warmth, the growth rate of this species is medium.

Adult Size: 

  • They get 15cm. 


  • This tarantula has mood swings.

  • It may allow you to pet it one day and show you her fangs the next.

  • It may give a threat pose, but is reluctant to bite.


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